A tribute to the Italian Community

Cherished as one of history's most innovative painters, architects and scientists, Leonardo da Vinci forged a legacy of Italian beauty and excellence.

We are proud to celebrate his genius. Today, the centre that bears his name is paying tribute to the members of the Italian community: the pioneers from all regions of Italy who have settled in Montreal in the past 100 years.

Situated in the heart of St. Leonard's administrative campus, the Leonardo da Vinci Centre is sustained by the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation of Quebec.

Nourishing exchanges among people

Through its cultural, artistic, sporting and social activities, the LDV Centre seeks to enhance the unity of Montreal's Italian community, nourish exchanges among people of all ages and strengthen bonds between cultural communities.

The Leonardo da Vinci Centre is the ideal place to organize events, meetings, art exhibitions or attend plays, computer courses, concerts or films. In addition, our modern sporting club facilities and activities for youth and seniors are always available.

We are building a community heritage today for the generations of tomorrow.

Italian-Canadian Community Fondation

The Italian-Canadian Community Foundation of Quebec has always supported efforts to rally the Italian spirit.

Its mission has been a philanthropic one: to raise funds and redistribute them to non-profit organizations and associations serving the needs of Montreal’s Italian community. Millions of dollars have been raised throughout its 34-year history. At the heart of the Foundation are its governors, who continue to participate and contribute in various fund-raising activities throughout the year.

The Foundation was the guiding force behind the Leonardo da Vinci Centre. It coordinated the Centre’s planning and design and mandated a capital fund-raising campaign to ensure its completion.

Click here to visit the FCCIQ web site.

Community Services

The Italian-Canadian Community Services of Quebec, a non-profit community organization, was founded in 1978. It is considered to be the point of reference for the Italian community in Montreal and neighboring areas.

Through our many endeavours, we are committed to supporting the fields of Health and Social Services, Education, Italian Language and Culture, as well as causes that will benefit and support our fellow citizens.

The mission of the ICCSQ is to assist in the establishment and promotion of cultural activities, services and programs in the Italian Community with the aim of providing individuals, groups and organizations with opportunities to fully integrate and take the existing services offered by Quebec and Canadian society.

The Italian-Canadian Community Services of Quebec Inc. is a dynamic organization dedicated to providing quality services in English, French, and Italian.

Board of Directors

The Leonardo da Vinci Centre is proud to introduce the members of our board of directors. Composed of 8 distinguished Italian personalities, our members are well known for their philanthropic endeavours within the Italian community in Canada as well as being influential representatives of prestigious Italian organizations.


Giuseppe Borsellino
President - Groupe Petra


Joe Pannunzio

tony loffreda

Tony Loffreda
President FCCI

nick fiasche

Nick Fiasche
Vice-president FCCI


Roberto Rinaldi
Representant - CIBPA
President - Altimum IMS


Antonio Sciascia
Représentant du Congrès National des Italo-Canadiens du Québec


Emanuele Triassi
President - Italian Chamber of  Commerce in Canada
Board President - Astaldi Canada


Joe Ferraro

silvio de rose

President ex-officio
Silvio De Rose

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